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I am a technology consultant specialising in data migration for content management systems and ecommerce platforms with 25 years experience in the technology sector. Based in London, UK, and through my company, Another Cup of Coffee Limited, I manage remote teams around the world and advise business owners on how to more effectively use technology. Past clients include venture-backed and owner-funded start-ups; mobile operators; banks and a $100bn Japanese trading house. Although my field is technology, I’ve also been involved with a private security agency, a beach resort, a rural bank, search and rescue and emergency preparedness.

Please see my portfolio for case studies of my work. If you are a recruiter filling a role, please contact me for a copy of my CV or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Hire me to:

  • Manage complex business-critical site migrations for content management systems and ecommerce platforms
  • Advise on matters relating to your information technology
  • Manage technical teams of around 3-10 people
  • Explain information technology to management and business
  • Analyse and document software or IT systems
  • Develop or maintain back-end code for web applications

Contact me to find out how I can help your business.

Business Experience

Aside from running Another Cup of Coffee, I’ve helped set up and manage: a private security firm providing uniformed security officers and armed security; a luxury beach resort in the Philippines; a rural bank; a money remittance firm and travel agency. I co-founded ARC, a London-based outsourcing consultancy, and have been on the management team of the European IT Service Centre Foundation. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.

Other Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Systems Engineering (UK)
  • Licensed Security Officer (Philippines)
  • Certified Security Professional (Philippine Society for Industrial Security)
  • Certificate for Corporate Governance & Risk Management
  • Contributed to published academic paper: M. Adda, H. Bleuel, A. Lopez[-Vito], and S. Nair, “A Simulator for a Multithreaded Processor”, Proceedings for the 7th IASTED Int. Conf. Applied Informatics, Insbruk, Austria, Feb 15-18 1999, pp. 194-197.


Ray Catindig, Arcware Solutions Limited:

“Highly industrious and knowledgeable about the Technical landscape and, most importantly, maintains a high level of moral fiber.”

Laura Crawford, Mama Bamboo:

“Anthony brought rigor and organisation to our project, coordinating a variety of third-party teams on a complex project. I appreciated Anthony's attention to detail and ability to break down the complexity of the project to manageable tasks for all the players. Anthony brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the data migration element of the project. He identified and handled all the risks and potential pitfalls of the project , and proactively researched and proposed best fit solutions to reduce the risk rates. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for an experienced IT project manager.”

Geoff Dennis, Test Innovators:

“Anthony worked with us on a mission-critical Drupal-to-Wordpress migration project. With his expertise, he provided important help in the initial roadmapping of the project, and ultimately built critical components of our new purchase process. His documentation is exceptionally thorough, and his communication throughout the project was equally strong—responsive even while working across time zones and continents. When we ran up against roadblocks, Anthony was patient and resilient, and asked good questions to help us get unstuck. I would be excited to work with Anthony again.”

See more testimonials at my company website.