Project manager and cross-functional developer with over 20 years experience in the technology sector. I am based in London, UK. Day-to-day, I manage remote teams around the world and advise business owners how to more effectively use information technology. Past clients include venture-backed and owner-funded start-ups; mobile operators; banks and a $100bn Japanese trading house. Although my field is technology, I’ve also been involved with a private security agency, a beach resort, a rural bank, search and rescue and emergency preparedness.

Please see my portfolio for case studies of my work.

Hire me to:

  • Advise on matters relating to your information technology
  • Manage technical teams of around 3-10 people
  • Explain information technology to management and business
  • Analyse and document software or IT systems
  • Develop or maintain back-end code for web applications

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Business Experience

Aside from running Another Cup of Coffee, I’ve helped set up and manage: a private security firm providing uniformed security officers and armed security; a luxury beach resort in the Philippines; a rural bank; a money remittance firm and travel agency. I co-founded ARC, a London-based outsourcing consultancy, and have been on the management team of the European IT Service Centre Foundation. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information.

Other Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Systems Engineering (UK)
  • Licensed Security Officer (Philippines)
  • Certified Security Professional (Philippine Society for Industrial Security)
  • Certificate for Corporate Governance & Risk Management
  • Contributed to published academic paper: M. Adda, H. Bleuel, A. Lopez[-Vito], and S. Nair, “A Simulator for a Multithreaded Processor”, Proceedings for the 7th IASTED Int. Conf. Applied Informatics, Insbruk, Austria, Feb 15-18 1999, pp. 194-197.


Ray Catindig, Arcware Solutions Limited:

“Highly industrious and knowledgeable about the Technical landscape and, most importantly, maintains a high level of moral fiber.”

Alexandre Leroux, slashgeo:

“Glad I hired Anthony. He’s very good at detailing requirements and providing extensive feedback during all steps of the contract’s progression. He’s an excellent communicator. As a client, that matters to me.”

Elizabeth Loudon, Prospero Partners:

“Anthony has been terrific for our small business. He has delivered a great website that’s easy to use and update, and he manages all our email and general IT needs. Whenever we have questions, he answers right away and he always has a solution and will go the extra mile to find one. His services are fantastic value for money. We are really lucky to have him on our team!”

Usman Sheikh, Brilliant & Contrive Digital:

“Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with. He had a very clear understanding of IT infrastructures and the digital medium on the whole so his opinions and insights were invaluable to me on the various projects where we worked together. I would be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality IT service provider.”

Simon Plenderleith, Makito Labs:

“Anthony’s professionalism and excellent communication skills make him a pleasure to work with. I hope to work again with Anthony on future projects.”

Michael Lobb, Seventh Wave Systems:

“I had the privilege of working with Anthony Lopez-Vito [in 2005]. Anthony is industrious, dedicated and a highly competent technologist. Much of the stability in my IT today is due to his expertise and I would work with him again any time.”

Contact me

The best way to contact me is through my company contact form.