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Network engineer portfolio

Bahia de Baler

Bahia de Baler began life as a small family-run beach resort in the remote town of Baler, Philippines. The resort owner wanted to upgrade facilities to attract higher-end guests from out-of-town. It has now become Costa Pacifica, one of the top destinations in the Philippines and the area’s most prestigious resort.

Network engineer, 2010 to 2011

At the start of my work with Bahia de Baler, the only internet available was through personal laptops and USB-based cellular modems. Connection was spotty and speeds where measured in Kbps. Being a remote province, fixed-line broadband was nonexistent. In addition to other responsibilities, I oversaw the installation of antenna-based cellular internet, site-wide wireless networking and guest computer access. The result was a modern internet and computing facility that drew new businesses from companies and local governmental agencies in the area.

Seventh Wave Systems Ltd.

Seventh Wave Systems is a City-based financial software company. It offers an innovative tool that allows investment professionals to easily manage reports from multiple research providers.

Network engineer and systems administrator, Mar 2005 to May 2005

Aside from acting as a Systems Analyst and Technical Advisor to the company’s founder, I also headed the re-building of the office network, office servers and data centre servers. We achieved the founder’s goals of streamlining the company’s technology with a skeleton crew and extremely tight budget.

Testimonial from Michael Lobb, CEO:

“I had the privilege of working with Anthony Lopez-Vito [in 2005]. Anthony is industrious, dedicated and a highly competent technologist. Much of the stability in my IT today is due to his expertise and I would work with him again any time.”

iRemit Global Remittance UK

iRemit is the remittance arm of iBank, a leading commercial bank in the Philippines. It wanted technical advice for IT infrastructure in its London office.

Technical Advisor, Oct 2003 to Nov 2003

iRemit asked me about a wide range of technical issues including:

  • WLAN security
  • Local area networking
  • Database vendor selection
  • VoIP

The Richmond Adult & Community College

The Richmond Adult & Community College offers courses for adults in Richmond and Twickenham.

IT Facilities Administrator, May 1997 to Jun 1998 (part-time employee)

As an IT Facilities Administrator, I was responsible for:

  • Developing a departmental database using Microsoft Access.
  • Identifying and solving hardware and software problems.
  • Maintaining departmental IT equipment and Local Area Network.
  • Recommending the purchase of equipment according to tight budget.


  • Installed the department’s first Local Area Network within budget.
  • Spearheaded creation of a team for college-wide Millennium compliance.

Technical skills important for this role were:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Knowledge of PC hardware and Microsoft Office software
  • Networking