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Senior management portfolio

Another Cup of Coffee Limited

I founded Another Cup of Coffee Limited in 2006 as an extension to my freelance work providing online infrastructure consulting for start-ups and SMEs. We now specialise in complex business-critical website migrations for media agencies, small businesses and not-for-profit groups. Our work also includes setting up and maintaining content management systems, developing custom code and troubleshooting problems with servers.

Another Cup of Coffee is a hybrid company that fills the gap between a single freelancer and a full-blown brick-and-mortar digital agency. We’re a group of independent professionals from different cities around the world working under one brand-name. Day-to-day, I manage remote teams using a simplified version of Kanban. When a new project comes along, I put together a team with the most relevant skills.

Aside from managing projects, I’m also a hands-on developer and systems administrator.

Another Cup of Coffee Limited

Sea and Sierra Vista, Inc.

Sea and Sierra Vista, Inc. is a case-study for juggling multiple roles and managing rapidly-expanding scope.

I travelled to the Philippines from 2009 to 2014 to help a family-owned corporation with Bahia de Baler, then a small newly-purchased beach resort in the remote town of Baler, Philippines. Our goal was to upgrade facilities to attract higher-end guests from out-of-town.

Initially my role was to support the family in small ways, such as purchasing and transporting supplies, improving IT facilities and hiring resort staff. Eventually the project morphed into a town-planning effort that involved input from local government and convincing a local airline to run flights to the area.

Bahia de Baler has now become Costa Pacifica, one of the top destinations in the Philippines and the province’s most prestigious resort.

Bahia de Baler transition to Costa Pacifica


I served as board member and Corporate Secretary for AuroraBank between 2011 and 2014. AuroraBank is a Philippine-based rural bank which was then in the process of starting up. Its objective is to provide banking and micro-finance services to the remote Philippine province of Aurora. My role included assessing software procurement and ensuring compliance to government regulations. I needed to gain a Certificate for Corporate Governance & Risk Management for this position.


Body Armor Security Services, Inc.

Between 2009 and 2013, I acted as interim President of Philippine-based Body Armor Security Services, Inc. It provides uniformed security officers, armed security professionals, and VIP security escorts. Clients include both private and government installations throughout the Philippines.

My role as Interim President was to run the company on behalf of the owner; ensure compliance with government regulations; and oversee purchasing and licensing of firearms.

body armor logo 600

A Little Alien, Inc.

A Little Alien, Inc. provided web and information technology services to corporations and government agencies in the Philippines. I joined as a co-founder and was active between 2009 – 2011.

A Little Alien

Arcware Solutions Limited

Arcware Solutions Limited (ARC) operated between 2003 to 2007 to capitalise on the IT and business process outsourcing boom to the Philippines during that period. We worked with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry and Philippine corporations to match clients with suppliers.

I co-founded ARC together with Carmelo Macasaddu and Ray Catindig, acting as Project Manager and Technical Advisor. My start in this industry came from my work at Mintel International Group Ltd. Although a low-level systems developer at the time, I spotted an opportunity to expand my scope after hearing that senior management were investigating offshore outsourcing to the Philippines. I later represented Mintel’s chief outsourcing advocate during a trip to assess and recommend potential outsourcing partners.

ARCware Solutions Limited