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I have a 25-year track-record of versatility, resourcefulness and saving companies money. Working in many different fields means that I’ve gained several areas of expertise. My portfolio is therefore divided into different roles to highlight my capabilities:

If pushed to summarise my core expertise, it would be in identifying problems and finding the most appropriate technical solution.

Senior management

I’m a technologist by training but also very happy to venture into other fields including finance, private security, hospitality management and emergency preparedness. By being open to new challenges, I’ve learnt that problems in unfamiliar areas can be solved using a core set of principles: What are we trying to achieve? What are our constraints? How much time do we have?

Project manager

Buzzwords are great if they help get things done. Since I don’t launch objects into space, a simple approach to managing projects works well for me.

Technology consultant

Technology is effective only when employed to achieve specific goals. What are your goals? I’ll tell you how technology will help.


Online services, databases and desktop applications. I can do front-end code but back-end development, data wrangling and server-side work is what interests me most.

Network engineer

My experience is with start-ups and smaller enterprises rather than multinational corporations.